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 spam healing dwarf

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PostSubject: spam healing dwarf   Mon Dec 11, 2006 9:14 pm

level 10
10 axe
7 incant
10 str
3 med

level 15
15 axe
14 incant
10 strength
5 med
1 merchent

level 20
20 axe
19 incant
13 strength
2 find weakness
5 med
1 merchent

level 25
25 axe
19 incant
13 strength
10 find weakness
5 med
3 merchent
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PostSubject: Re: spam healing dwarf   Tue Dec 12, 2006 8:03 am

that is good Wi...but id rather have 2 skill sets, one for pk'ing, and one for training..yours kinda takes a lil of both

PK substitute

19 incantation
13 strength(girdle/potion)
4 medatation
20 find weakness
19 axe skill

* PK-better to have max strength and Fw right away, then to have your level in axes, because as a dwarf, you will get 24 from natural ability, so you can afford to have less axes right away

Training-no fw at all?!

20 axe skill
19 incantation
18 strength
10 merchant
8 medatation

o.0 yea, money is important, and again you can still afford to have lower amount of axes..fw isnt needed at all in order to kill effectively while training, unless of course you are a pixie, then you have such low strength value, fw is almost necessary to train(or unless you use whips) then again it isnt needed.
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spam healing dwarf
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